Free Cash Offer Types

There are essentially three types of free money offers for playing slots:

Let's look at each of these offer types in detail.

Free Chips

Free chips are the simplest way to get free money to play free slots. Online casinos will give you $5, $10, $20, up to $50 or more just for downloading and registering at their online casino! You can use these free chips to play the online slots, and can win real money if you have any winnings after meeting what are known as wagering requirements or playthrough requirements. More on these requirements in the Winning section.

Match Bonuses

Match bonuses are very popular at online casinos. Online casinos will match your initial deposit with a 20%, 50%, 100%, 300% or more bonus. This means that the amount that you have to play online slots is much higher than your initial deposit -- in some cases it can be up to six times your deposit (depending on the online casino). Match bonuses, like free chip offers, carry a wagering/playthrough requirement that you must meet before you can withdraw any winnings. But don't worry, we'll explain all about wagering/playthrough requirements in the Winning section.

In order to make a deposit at many online casinos, you can first try to use a credit card. Not all credit cards will be accepted at all online casinos, so your best bet is to use an electronic wallet, or e-wallet. An e-wallet is a safe and secure account that acts as an intermediate account between you and the online casino. Once you set up an e-wallet, you can deposit funds into it from a checking or savings account, as well as by other means depending on the e-wallet that you use. Once the funds are available in the e-wallet, you can use the funds in the e-wallet to make a deposit at the online casino. Winnings will be paid from the online casino to the e-wallet, which can then be transferred to your checking or savings account. We'll have more to say about e-wallets in the Withdrawing section.

Timed Offers

Timed offers are a third type of offer that you can claim to play free slots at online casinos. After downloading and registering at an online casino, you are given $100s (and in some cases $1000s) to play all you can for a certain amount of time (usually an hour). After the time is up, you are able to keep any winnings after making a deposit. There is a limit to how much of your winnings you can keep, and there is a wagering/playthrough requirement on the winnings that you must meet before you are able to make a withdrawal, but we'll explain all about this in the Winning section.

Signup and registration at the online casino is required in order to claim their slot machine free money offers. The signup and registration process is different for each online casino, but generally involves:

Here are some critical points regarding signup and registration at the site where you would like to play slots:

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